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The ultrasonic welding mold is the output device of the ultrasonic welding machine used to transfer ultrasonic energy to the object to be welded.

Due to different use occasions and welding materials, the welding size is different. Different welding objects require different tool horns, and their specifications are also various.

The ultrasonic welding horn and ultrasonic fixture that we usually see are all kinds of ultrasonic molds. Ultrasonic molds should pay attention to the following points during the die-casting production process:

1. Temperature control:preheating temperature and working temperature of ultrasonic mold polishing machine; alloy pouring temperature, under the premise of ensuring good molding, use a lower pouring temperature.

2. Reasonable die-casting process, specific pressure and filling speed.

3. Adjust the clamping force of the machine so that the force on the mold is even. Pay attention to cleaning the residual debris on the surface of the mold, so as not to cause uneven force on the surface of the mold and cause deformation when the mold is closed.

4. Strictly control alloy smelting to reduce gas in molten metal

Every set of welding horns and molds we produce, whether it is a standard product or customized according to customer requirements, is made of the best materials and has undergone repeated tests. The shape, strength, and audio frequency of the welding horn have been tested many times, and they can meet the most stringent standards for titanium alloy ultrasonic molds, and the welding horn and the mold have reached the most perfect match.

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