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Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine is an indispensable product in industrial plants. With increased production demand to save time and costs, companies apply scientific and technical advances to production, including the use of ultrasonic plastic welding machines. Contact to buy ultrasonic plastic welding machine Tel 0983 122 101 Chu Kieu for direct advice


Benefits of ultrasonic plastic welding machine in production

Referring to the ultrasonic plastic welding machine, it is certainly impossible not to mention the benefits of this device to the industry. It is thanks to this device that the industry has made changes in labor productivity as well as work efficiency. So what are the benefits of ultrasonic plastic welding machines for the industry, let's immediately find out in this article.

+ Save time: all products use ultrasonic technology to clean, or stick. The process is very quick, and the operation is easy.

+ Reduce labor: They have the ability to work fast, easy to use, many times more efficient than ordinary people.

+ Low cost: Products with good price, fast payback, saving time, space and labor resources.

+ Stable operation: The machine is manufactured in Taiwan, combined with Japanese and German components. Should be extremely durable.

+ No pollution to the environment: Ultrasonic equipment causes very low noise. In the process of working, no waste is generated.

+ Low maintenance and warranty costs: Products are warranted for 12 months. Produced according to the latest technology of Taiwan, and components from Japan, Germany. So there is no need to spend a lot of maintenance costs. Just clean and replace components periodically, the machine will work well.

- Capable of self-destructing the surface oxide layer and cleaning grease well thanks to friction, sliding fluid between welding objects. Ultrasonic welding has the ability to weld plastic parts without cleaning the surface layer, No need to melt the solder.

- Ultrasonic welding allows welding parts with thickness ratio up to 1:1000

- Ultrasonic welding consumes less energy, easy to automate, fast welding time.

Ultrasonic plastic welding machine manufacturing company

Tacotek Ultrasonic Equipment Co., Ltd is a company specializing in manufacturing, manufacturing and repairing ultrasonic welding machines with many years in our profession, providing services such as:

- Supply and repair ultrasonic welding machines.

- Design and process ultrasonic welding molds as required.

- Manufacturing plastic welding equipment by ultrasonic welding technology, by heat, by friction...

- Provide ultrasonic welding mold

- Provide ultrasonic welding vibrating rod

With over 20 years of experience in ultrasonic welding,

With the criterion of BEST QUALITY - BEST PRICE, we always support and advise customers for FREE on the right technology to bring the highest efficiency, and at the same time provide the most PRESTIGE warranty and repair service.

Why choose ultrasonic welding machine at Tacotek

1. Service quality

- Tacotek Ultrasound Equipment always puts quality first in the company's development career. So all the ultrasonic welding machines we make are of the same level of quality at the highest possible level and are getting better and better.

2. Team at Tacotek Ultrasound Equipment

- Tacotek Ultrasonic Equipment with a large team of engineers, highly qualified, synchronous and experienced in the field of ultrasonic welding machine design and manufacture. They are always ready with the highest enthusiasm to bring customers quality, qualified and classy projects to bring satisfaction to customers.

3. Experience of tacotek

Born in 2012, thanks to the deep experience in the industry combined with the personal reputation in the business community of the Founder, Tacotek Ultrasonic Welding has many customers who are leading large companies in the industry. Selection and cooperation: Khang Gia Automation Company, Nano dry, Thoi Thanh Binh Medical Equipment, United Packaging, Phu Bao Group, T.C Vietnam Electronic Solutions, ...

Contact to buy ultrasonic welding machine

Tacotek Ultrasonic Equipment we specialize in manufacturing, selling and repairing all kinds of ultrasonic welding machines, ultrasonic welding machine accessories, ultrasonic plastic welding machines, ultrasonic molds, ultrasonic vibration bars. If you have a need, please contact us for many attractive offers.


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