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Ultrasonic plastic welding machine is a general-purpose welding plastic forming product, as well as equipment for sealing plastic sheets, paper and aluminum sheet composite films, and plastic hoses. According to different objects, different processing methods such as welding, embedding, and riveting are used.

Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine is an indispensable product in industrial plants. With increased production demand to save time and costs, companies apply scientific and technical advances to production, including the use of ultrasonic plastic welding machines. Contact to buy ultrasonic plastic welding machine Tel 0983 122 101 Chu Kieu for direct advice

Structural composition of ultrasonic plastic welding machine: generator, pneumatic part, program control part, transducer part.
1. The main function of the generator is to convert the power frequency of 50HZ into high-voltage waves of high frequency (such as 20KHZ) by electronic circuits.
2. The main function of the pneumatic part is to complete pressure work such as pressurization and pressure maintenance during the processing process.
3. The program control part controls the working process of the whole machine to achieve consistent processing effects.
4. The transducer part is to convert the high-voltage electric wave generated by the generator into mechanical vibration, which is transmitted, amplified, and reaches the processed surface.

Advantage of Manufacturing Tacotek Company 

1. Service quality

- Tacotek Ultrasound Equipment always puts quality first in the company's development career. So all the ultrasonic welding machines we make are of the same level of quality at the highest possible level and are getting better and better.

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- Tacotek Ultrasonic Equipment with a large team of engineers, highly qualified, synchronous and experienced in the field of ultrasonic welding machine design and manufacture. They are always ready with the highest enthusiasm to bring customers quality, qualified and classy projects to bring satisfaction to customers.

3. Experience of tacotek

Born in 2012, thanks to the deep experience in the industry combined with the personal reputation in the business community of the Founder, Tacotek Ultrasonic Welding has many customers who are leading large companies in the industry. Selection and cooperation: Khang Gia Automation Company, Nano dry, Thoi Thanh Binh Medical Equipment, United Packaging, Phu Bao Group, T.C Vietnam Electronic Solutions, ...

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