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35kHz 900W K745 High End Ultrasonic Welding Machine

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TACOTEK ULTRASONIC EQUIPMENT CO., LTD is a company specializing in:
- Supply and repair ultrasonic welding machines.

K745 High End ultrasonic welding machine is the best quality product on the market, Contact Uncle Kieu 0983 122 101 for the best advice and support.

Features of K745 High End Ultrasonic Welding Machine

-The pillar adopts dovetail groove design, and the mechanical structure does not shift when the horn moves. 
-Programmable step control for air pressure. 
-Electromagnetic sensor type precision stroke measurement kit, precision 0.01mm. 
-Digitally controlled pressure-triggered vibration kit. 
-Optional PC communication device for storing welding data, corresponding MES system and data tracking. 
-Special program to check all switches on the press. 
-International standard of CE certification.

1.Specifications of K745 High End Ultrasonic Welding Machine
Ultrasonic Welding Machines provided by Tacotek Ultrasonic Welding Co., Ltd always bring customers quality products


Parameter value

Operating frequency


Transmission mode

Double acting cylinder for pneumatic operation, φ40mm

Transmission energy

Maximum 7bar for compressed air and 6bar for normal air

Maximum output

745N (air pressure 6bar)

Maximum stroke


Scope of work

150mm (from center of welding head to square column)

Height adjustment

180mm (using height adjustment gear device)


51.5kg (with generator)


HE 35-900W

Generator Size


Press Size


2. Application of ultrasonic welding machine

At present, K745 High End ultrasonic welding machine is widely used in industries such as auto parts, printing consumables, toys, daily necessities, beauty tools, non-woven fabrics, etc. The advantages of K745 High End ultrasonic welding machine bring unlimited. For large, small or medium-sized production facilities, the use of ultrasonic welding machines can help save labor, time and money and improve work efficiency.


Reputable supplier and designer of K745 High End Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Tacotek Ultrasonic Equipment Co., Ltd. is a unit specializing in consulting, designing and manufacturing Ultrasonic welding machines for all civil and industrial sectors. Design and manufacture to bring the automatic ultrasonic welding machine system into industry to reduce labor, reduce management costs, increase productivity in production and improve efficiency for businesses.

Tacotek Ultrasonic Equipment Co., Ltd is a partner of many big companies such as:
Khang Gia Automation Company, Nano dry, Thoi Thanh Binh Medical Equipment, United Packaging, Phu Bao Group, T.C Vietnam Electronic Solutions, ...

The collective staff is always enthusiastic, determined, creative, demanding and responsible for customers through solving the actual and essential needs of customers. Tacotek brings super welding machines. Sound quality and reputation.

- Design and process ultrasonic welding molds as required.

- Manufacturing plastic welding equipment by ultrasonic welding technology, by heat, by friction...

- Provide ultrasonic welding mold

- Provide ultrasonic welding vibrating rod

With over 20 years of experience in ultrasonic welding,

With the criterion of BEST QUALITY - BEST PRICE, we always support and advise customers for FREE on the right technology to bring the highest efficiency, and at the same time provide the most PRESTIGE warranty and repair service.

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