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20kHz 2000W/3000W K3000 Servo ES Ultrasonic Plastic Welder

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  • Máy hàn siêu âm K 3000 Servo ES là sản phẩm chất lượng nhất trên thị trường, Liên hệ Chú Kiều 0983 122 101 để được tư vẫn và hỗ trợ tốt nhất.
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- Frequency/power: 20kHz - 2000/3000W

- Adopt servo system device: use high precision servo system, welding accuracy up to 0.01mm

TACOTEK ULTRASONIC EQUIPMENT CO., LTD is a company specializing in:
- Supply and repair ultrasonic welding machines.

K3000 Servo ES ultrasonic welding machine is the best quality product on the market, Contact Uncle Kieu 0983 122 101 for the best advice and support.

Features of K3000 Servo ES Ultrasonic Plastic Welder

- MES communication, seamlessly connect to MES system, realize data collection, welding curve chart generation

- Unqualified/qualified parts parameter printing, capacity report export/printing

- Product welding data storage/export/tracing

- Visual workpiece detection/alarm

- Sweeping information listing, sweeping report call out

- Mold teaching/product search

- Multi-stage pressure, multi-stage speed limit. Accuracy up to 0.01mm, uniform product quality

- Independent spotlight illumination to help welding or mold adjustment accuracy

- Four-point base design, equipped with adjustment device, can quickly adjust the bottom die level

- Height scale at the front of the column for recording the welding position of the body

- The right side of the column is equipped with a head lift button for easy mold adjustment and independent control of the power switch.

1.Specifications of K3000 Servo ES Ultrasonic Welding Machine
Ultrasonic Welding Machines provided by Tacotek Ultrasonic Welding Co., Ltd always bring customers quality products

机型 Model

K3000 Servo ES 伺服

频率 Frequency


功率 Power



输入电压 Input Voltage

190-265V AC

190-265V AC

压力分布控制 Pressure Control


Programmable multi stage pressure distribution adjustment

语言选单 Language


CN, EN, DE, ES, FR, IT, etc.

数据库 Data Bank

最多可储存300组焊接参数 300 memories


Throat Depth



Distance from end face of amplifier to base face


可调整行程 Stroke Range

20~100mm, Fine-tuning supported, accuracy:0.01mm;No need to adjust the height of the press.

重量(含电箱) Weight


最大下压力 Max.Force


搭配电箱 Generator

AC 20-2000W/3000W

计数器 Counter


pin密码 Pin Code


4 digits to protect access to parameters

焊接记录 Welding Record


5000pcs, Qualified product and defective product record distinction


Drive Mode of Horn

伺服控制 servo control

操作开关 Operation Switch


Two-hand start with EMERGENCY STOP at front

工作模式 Mode


Time Mode/Energy Mode/US-Stop/Travel Mode (Absolute /Differential )/External Trigger/Pressure Trigger/Travel Trigger/Time Trigger/Soft Start/Step Amplitude/Quality Manage/Menu Manage/Data Export, MES System(Optional)


2. Application of ultrasonic plastic welder

At present, ultrasonic welding machine is widely used in industries such as auto parts, printing consumables, toys, daily necessities, beauty tools, non-woven fabrics, etc. The advantages of K3000 Servo ES ultrasonic welding machine bring unlimited. For large, small or medium-sized production facilities, the use of ultrasonic welding machines can help save labor, time and money and improve work efficiency.

Reputable supplier and designer of K3000 Servo ES Ultrasonic Plastic welder

Tacotek Ultrasonic Equipment Co., Ltd. is a unit specializing in consulting, designing and manufacturing Ultrasonic welding machines for all civil and industrial sectors. Design and manufacture to bring the automatic ultrasonic welding machine system into industry to reduce labor, reduce management costs, increase productivity in production and improve efficiency for businesses.

Tacotek Ultrasonic Equipment Co., Ltd is a partner of many big companies such as:
Khang Gia Automation Company, Nano dry, Thoi Thanh Binh Medical Equipment, United Packaging, Phu Bao Group, T.C Vietnam Electronic Solutions, ...

The collective staff is always enthusiastic, determined, creative, demanding and responsible for customers through solving the actual and essential needs of customers. Tacotek brings super welding machines. Sound quality and reputation.

- Design and process ultrasonic welding molds as required.

- Manufacturing plastic welding equipment by ultrasonic welding technology, by heat, by friction...

- Provide ultrasonic welding mold

- Provide ultrasonic welding vibrating rod

With over 20 years of experience in ultrasonic welding,

With the criterion of BEST QUALITY - BEST PRICE, we always support and advise customers for FREE on the right technology to bring the highest efficiency, and at the same time provide the most PRESTIGE warranty and repair service.

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